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“Books that Enlighten, Encourage and Edify”

JBPB Publishing is pleased to publish the following books that will enlighten, encourage and edify Christian believers. Each book will be available in both softcover, hardcover and an e-book format.

Book Titles

How to Thrive in the Cutthroat Workplace

How to Thrive in the Cutthroat Workplace focuses on your ability to thrive when you choose to follow God’s Word to achieve success in the workplace.

This book was created to introduce you to the practical spiritual wisdom that teaches you how to thrive despite the negativity that plagues and persists in today’s workplace. With the use of scriptural Biblical teachings as the primary source that will transform you from struggling to survive amid the cutthroat conditions in the workplace to a bold, courageous and confident attitude of thriving amid the cutthroat conditions in the workplace. You will undoubtedly emerge victorious each and every day when you learn how to thrive in the cutthroat workplace.

***”How to Thrive in the Cutthroat Workplace” will be available in the Summer of 2019.***

Totable Quotables Series

The Totable Quotables Series are books that contain original quotes and commentary by the author, Phyllis Brown. Allow yourself to be spiritually transformed by the original quotes and commentary that foster a deeper recognition, reverence and respect for the wisdom of God.

It is the deep, spiritual wisdom of God that appeals to the human spirit while simultaneously edifying the soul. These original quotes and commentary are defined as “totable” because you can take them with you to read wherever you go. If you desire to read something in addition to your Holy Bible that will enlighten you, edify you, encourage you and inspire you, then the Totable Quotables Series is for you.

***The “Totable Quotables” Series will be available in the Summer of 2019.***

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